Multiple Turntables *NEW*

Version 1800.3 of the Tactile1800 allows you to create multiple turntables at once. This is a preview of a feature that may be a premium feature in the future, but is being made available free in the current version to get feedback and while we work out issues.

To enable it, go to the main menu, then select Settings. There, make sure "Allow cloud and DRM items" is OFF, and set "Allow adding turntables" to be on. You can't have the both on because streaming music and music with DRM require Apple's music player, which seems like it can only play one song at a time.

When this feature is enabled, you can use the "+" button in the upper right to add new turntables. Each one works the same as the first one. To change a turntable's size, you can use pinch and zoom, or drag the <-> arrow icon in the lower right. To move a turntable, drag with two fingers. Note that if the turntable is too small, it may become harder to use the controls.

To delete a turntable, drag it off the right side of the screen. To go back to the original UI with a single turntable, go to the menu and select "Restore Original Turntable."

We have yet not figured out how to make iOS devices play different songs to different outputs of the device, so you cannot currently cue one turntable with headphones while playing another via the main output. To mix this way, we still recommend using multiple devices plugged into a mixer.

Drag and Drop

To drag items to the turntable or to rearrange the items in your queue, press and hold on the item in the list for slightly longer. If you don’t hold, your touches will just scroll the list. You can also swipe left on an item in the queue for options to play the item immediately, move it to next in the queue, or to remove it from the queue.


To mix, you can run the Tactile1800 on more than one iOS device, and plug each into a hardware DJ mixer, and use that to crossfade, equalize and adjust levels.

Pinch and Zoom

To view more tracks, you can pinch on the queue list. The queue will display each item more compactly, allowing more tracks to be shown. You can pinch again for an ultra-compact view. Pinch outward to return to previous views.

Streaming and Copy-protected Music

The Tactile1800 works best with sound files in your device’s music library that do not have DRM protection, such as those you’ve imported from your own CDs. Music that has protection or that needs to stream from the network may not respond to controls as well or at all, because it requires a different iOS playback technology.

By default, music that is not stored on your device (that is, is stored in iCloud or Apple Music) is not selectable when importing. To enable these tracks, go the Settings from the menu, and enable “Allow cloud items”.


Current devices’ processing power and the system audio capabilities isn’t good enough for realistic scratching. We may research ways to do it with custom audio processing code.

Background Music

The app will continue to play music from your queue in the background, if you leave it playing when you close the app or lock your device. Because of system limitations, the queue may stop at the end of a track which has DRM or is playing from the cloud.

Feature Requests

If you have ideas for other features, please submit them via our Facebook page.

Known Issues

Setting the playback rate on songs with copy protection or streaming from the cloud (including Apple Music tracks) doesn't allow setting playback rate on iOS 11.3, so manipulating the record or setting the pitch does not work.

Found a bug?

Ask questions or report bugs to Since this app is a free product, we will not always be able to respond to every inquiry, but we will read and consider every one.


Contact us if you’re interested in working with us to make a custom version of the Tactile1800 for promotion, for your music or your brand, or other interesting collaborations!