The Tactile1800 turns your iPhone and iPad into a mobile turntable.

Import songs, albums and playlists from your music library, then play your music like a DJ - speed up, slow down and spin the record directly, and use the tonearm to skip around.

Set up the app on two devices and plug them into a mixer to DJ live!

Tactile1800 tonearmThis app evolved from the Tactile12000 for the desktop, one of the first DJ apps for the desktop, which was featured in Wired, Raygun and i-D, and recognized by Print magazine for its design. The Tactile12000 has been downloaded over a million times.

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About Tactile Pictures

The Tactile1800 was designed and built by Derek Chung at Tactile Pictures, a design and software development studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Tactile Pictures produced the original Tactile12000 in 1999, and continues to provide graphic and interface design services and web and software development services to technology startups, foundations, nonprofits and others.

Tactile1800 tonearm